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10 Best Property Management Software For Investors (2022)

Property management software is designed to make the process of managing property easier. The right software will allow you to list your properties, screen tenants, and take care of paperwork all in one place. Here is a quick look at 10 of the best property management software suites for property owners.

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within the world. geared primarily towards tiny and DIY landlords, it doesn’t have a number of the options you’d expect from additional sturdy industrial hardware. however as a result of it’s fewer options, it’s easier, easier to use, and easier to be told. This makes it a good alternative if you’re dealings out one or 2 units for additional financial gain.

That said, there square measure still variety of helpful options. it’s tools for screening tenants, and it generates digital leases that your tenants will sign electronically. As a matter of truth, it’ll additionally generate state-specific leases that befits native laws and rules. Tenants pays their rent on-line from any device, though a little fee are going to be other to the dealings.

Avail’s best feature is that the price: it’s 100 percent free. you’ll be able to use it for a vast variety of units while not paying one penny. Then again, the paid version comes with extra options like custom leases, zero-fee rent payments, and next-day payments. At $5 per month, per unit, it’s a good worth for smaller landlords, though the valuation isn’t competitive for larger properties

4 AppFolio


AppFolio is meant primarily for landlords with several properties, though it’s appropriate for any landlords making an attempt to grow their business. It supports every kind of units, from single-family homes to large flat complexes, and most significantly of all, its offerings square measure à la carte du jour. You pay associated fast|a set} fee per unit rather than an all-in-one fee. There’s no layer valuation or alternative limitations on what number units you’ll be able to manage. you furthermore may procure advanced options separately, therefore you simply procure what you employ.

To sign up, you initially have to be compelled to pay Associate in Nursing onboarding fee of $400. After that, the fees per unit square measure as follows:

Residential rentals: $1.40 per unit, per month
Commercial rentals: $1.50 per unit, per month
Student housing: $1.40 per unit, per month
HOAs: $0.80 per unit, per month.

Not that there’s a minimum monthly fee of $280. For residential units, you’ll would like a minimum of two hundred units to induce the simplest value.

Within the computer code, you get access to many useful property management options. you’ll be able to produce professional-looking websites for your properties, purchase sales leads, screen your tenants, and acquire each property owner and renters insurance. you’ll be able to additionally settle for on-line payments, track your maintenance, pay your utility bills, and even collect debts. a number of these services value additional, however as we have a tendency to mentioned, you simply procure what you wish.

5 Buildium

Buildium is one of the most full-featured property management services on today’s market. If you’re looking for software that does everything, look no further.

Property management software is designed to simplify this process. With the right software, you can list your properties, screen your tenants, and take care of paperwork all in the same place. Here’s a quick look at the ten best property management software suites for property owners.

This computer code comes with many alternative functions for managing all aspects of a rental property. inside the interface, you’ll be able to manage vacancies, maintenance, and even accounting. The accounting suite is extremely well thought out and includes automatic rent reminders, an entire ledger, and may generate reports on demand. There’s even on-line|a web|an internet} tenant portal wherever tenants will build their rental payments online.

Buildium’s basic package prices $50 per month and covers up to a hundred and fifty units. If needed, you’ll be able to purchase larger packages with support for up to five,000 units at the very best level. Higher tiers value less cash per unit, therefore larger properties can get the simplest value. Even so, $50 per month for a hundred and fifty units works resolute solely $0.33 per unit, that may be a trivial expense. Buildium additionally offers a 15-day free period, therefore you’ll be able to see if it works for you before buying a membership.

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This computer code includes a ticket-based client web, which might typically take many hours to deliver a response. That said, the team is extremely knowledgeable and may assist you through commonest problems with borderline fuss.

In addition to all or any its native options, Buildium will be integrated with many well-liked third-party platforms. These platforms embody residences.com, flat List, Forte, HappyCo, Happy Inspector, HotPads, Lovely, MSI, Nelco, PayNearMe, RevSpring, Tenant Turner, TransUnion, Trulia, Zillow, and Zumper.

6 SparkRental

SparkRental is a superb piece of property management computer code for building your stream of income. It permits you to post rental listings to several websites with one click and request on-line rental applications for gratis. you’ll be able to collect rent on-line for gratis victimization SparkRental. Speaking of free, you’ll be able to additionally transfer prepopulated tenant notices and eviction notices for every state at no value.

You can additionally request tenant screening reports that embody credit, criminal, and eviction info. This feature prices $39.90 total, that is charged to the renter. The computer code permits you to form a lease bundle with each a free version offered and a premium state-specific bundle for $29.95.

Finally, a replacement feature returning shortly can permit you to source your property maintenance demand alittle monthly fee. If you’re curious about growing your income, SparkRental may be a nice option!

7 magnetic resonance imaging computer code


MRI computer code is meant primarily for industrial properties like massive flat buildings. These properties square measure usually closely-held by teams of investors instead of one property owner, and people investors would like tools and analyses that normal landlords don’t. As a result, this program comes with variety of options you won’t realize in alternative similar computer code. Besides straightforward rental management, it additionally includes a large amount of coming up with tools. you’ll be able to use magnetic resonance imaging computer code to manage your investments, manage area, interact in strategic coming up with, and guarantee compliance with native cheap and housing development rules.

Pricing may be a bit additional opaque than other property management programs. There’s no free trial, and you have got to decision magnetic resonance imaging computer code for a quote so as to induce valuation. It may be purchased in 2 ways: Associate in Nursing put in program or a cloud-based service. That said, it’s typically smart reviews on variety of property owner websites, wherever investors have praised its worth. Vlad Mishkin from WebScraping.ia advises that “the solely thanks to conclude of course is to induce a quote for yourself. magnetic resonance imaging computer code is simply extremely sensible for properties with quite fifty units”.


8 Propertyware

Propertyware is geared primarily towards landlords of single-family homes. It doesn’t have as several options as another computer code suites, however that’s a feature, not a bug. as a result of there square measure no commercial rental features, the interface is way easier than most comparable computer code, therefore it’s easier to be told and use. In terms of variety of units, it works even as well whether or not you’re dealings out one home or many them.

This computer code has 3 valuation tiers: Basic, Plus, and Premium, that value $1, $1.50, or $2.00 per unit, severally. All tiers even have a minimum value, at $250 per month for the fundamental arrange, $350 for and, and $450 for Premium. As a result, you’ll solely get the simplest valuation if you manage a minimum of two hundred units.

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The Basic arrange permits you to list vacant properties, run monetary reports, schedule maintenance, screen prospective tenants, and collect rent payments through a zealous tenant portal. patriarch Cammann from Cofes advises that “the and arrange will all of this, however additionally supports two-way text electronic messaging, digital signatures, and examination programing. The Premium arrange adds maintenance management and portals for your offer vendors”.

One space wherever Propertyware falls short is third-party integrations. aside from Mail Merge and DocuSign, there’s no third-party support, neither is there any planned. This isn’t an enormous deal if you’re searching for Associate in Nursing all-in-one management answer. however if there square measure tools or services you already use, like residences.com, you won’t be able to integrate them.

9 SimplifyEm


SimplifyEm was designed by real estate professionals, for land professionals. It supports up to two,000 units, however it’s particularly elegant for smaller landlords. If you have got fewer than ten units, you’ll pay solely $20 per month. This rises by $10 per month for each ten extra units. therefore if you have got fifty units, your fee is $60 per month. At that time, it oppressor to charging in 25-unit increments, though the bottom rate of $1 per unch stays a similar. There’s additionally a 15-day free trial, therefore you’ll be able to see however it works before paying for a full membership.

The main attraction of SimplifyEm is its simplicity. It’s designed to be simple to use for average individuals, though you’ve ne’er been a property owner before. to the present finish, their service comes with live phone and email support, therefore you’ll be able to get facilitate with any problems.

The computer code tracks financial gain and expenses, manages tenants and leases, and tenants will even obtain renters insurance through the tenant portal. you’ll be able to track maintenance requests, generate monetary reports, screen tenants, and perform alternative essential tasks on the landlord’s finish. you’ll be able to additionally integrate with services like ACH.com, Fidelity, NARPM, TransUnion, Trulia, Zillow, and more.

10 Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze was one amongst the primary cloud-based property management computer code services, and it’s still one amongst the simplest. Even before the cloud, they were operating within the trade. They were based approach back in 1984 once laptop computer code itself was still in its infancy.

One nice factor concerning Yardi Breeze is their easy valuation. rather than tiers, they merely charge $1 per property per month. That’s pretty cheap and makes the computer code terribly competitive in today’s market. That said, there’s a minimum monthly charge of $100 per month for residential properties, or $200 for industrial properties. As a result, you’ll pay a premium for managing properties with fewer than one hundred units. There’s additionally a further upgrade package known as Breeze and. This prices $2 per unit, with a $400 monthly minimum for each residential and industrial properties. All packages go along with free coaching for the primary thirty days and nonstop client support.

This computer code comes with a great deal of a similar options we’ve seen in alternative services. you’ll be able to manage applications, automatize your selling, and collect your rent on-line. however Yardi Breeze additionally permits tenants to transfer smartphone photos together with a maintenance request.

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