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Top 3 Android App for Listening to Streaming Music

Although hybrids, and especially hybrids with Windows 8, seem to be more suitable for working streaming music and in any case, there are always options to use our tablets for that purpose, in most cases their use seems to be much more basic.

Entertainment , mainly with games, but also for video and audio playback. However, it is often the case that we find ourselves in the problem that our devices have a limited storage capacity, so applications that allow us to access online content , in this case music, is an interesting option. We present to you a small selection of the best free and paid apps, Android , Streaming Music.

The best Android app for listening to streaming music
The best Android app for listening to streaming music

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Google Play Music

Official application Google It allows you to listen to your music and online without having to worry about cloud store space or time. An app is free , the music limit that you can upload is 20.000 and you can allow 10 different devices to enjoy your collection.

If there is a problem that can be kept, apart from the fact that the limit may be too low for pro music lovers, it is that the process of uploading your music to the cloud can be cumbersome.

However, once done, ease of use is very important. Of course, being Google’s own application, it has a perfect synchronization with other applications like Google Play and Google+

Pandora streaming music

We’ve talked about Pandora  on other occasions , though you probably already know this, since this service is probably the most popular for free streaming radio , and one of the best rated by users.

The operation is quite simple: you just choose an artist, song or musical type and the app will start selecting from there similar music  that its guess can match your taste. As you play the songs you can evaluate them positively or negatively and help improve the selection.

On the downside, apart from the ads, the downside is that it doesn’t allow you to listen to a particular song, but you always have a little “chance”.

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Last FM streaming music

Its application has some special features dedicated to social network music that can make it quite interesting depending on what you are looking for.

Although you can select the music you listen to, it’s similar to Pandora because one of the main features of this app is that the music you listen to is recorded and lets you access the recommended new things to listen to, with the help of which you can refine those recommendations.

You can add your records from other music players. Apparently, this aspect is also among its points ” social “”Applications: You can connect with other users, create groups dedicated to specific artists or genres, etc. The downside is that the free version is quite limited, so you have to pay a subscription of 3 euros a month.

Spotify’sstreaming music

Spotify doesn’t need a lot of exposure at the moment, as it is a classic streaming music that almost everyone knows, at least in the PC version.

Calculate with a fairly extensive catalog and, having one of the most successful integrations with the social network, you may have the option of both having a playlist and getting recommendations.

The significant disadvantage of the service for mobile devices is that it is only possible with a premium account , which means subscription of 10 euros per month . However, you have the possibility of a test of the service for 48 hours at no cost, so you can always try and judge from experience if it is worth the cost.

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