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Android Shortcuts: 5 Best Amazing Android Shortcut For You To Use And Feel Like A Pro

Are you a power user who loves to do things quickly and efficiently? Well, most of us are not. With the advancements of technology, our smartphones have become smarter than ever before. However, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to usability and efficiency. 

An Android shortcut is a combination of two or more keys on your phone that can be activated with one press instead of two or more. If you find yourself constantly switching between apps or repeating certain actions over and over again, then these Android shortcuts will come in handy. 

These tips and tricks will get you acquainted with some of the best amazing Android shortcuts that every power user should know about:

But anyway, I can assure you that if you’d continue reading till the end you’d learn some Android shortcuts tricks for you to use and feel like a pro amongst friends.

5 Shortcut Tricks To Use And Feel Like A Pro

1. Take A Screen Shot: Actually everyone wants to take a screenshot, either taking screenshots of the current movie your watching or that picture displaying on your device that’s proving stubborn to download just perform this task by pressing the – volume key and the power button simultaneously (at the same time).

2. Ok Google: Well, if you have been using your Android device for a while and don’t know what “OK google” means or you know about it but don’t have an idea on how to use it, well your at the right spot. This feature is a voice feature for android users making it possible to communicate with you android, make your android read your messages, makes call for you and many more just a long press in your home button and viola you can now give your command.

3. Force Your Device To Restart: There are moments when your Android device begins to misbehave or it’s becoming too slow due to much RAM usage and you want to restart just quickly do that by simultaneously pressing the power button and the + volume key.

4. App Information: Yea! you want to see some information on that application that your device has always been beeping you up for much battery consumption just go to settings>>apps and you can see the info of any app and if you like you could also force close it or clear the caches.

5. Quickly Launch Camera: Who doesn’t love a quick selfie? Well, I don’t and that’s because am not a fan of pictures but to those that loves pictures you’d want a faster way to access your camera instead of going through unlocking your phone then searching for camera, when you could double tap your power button or tap it once and click on the camera icon on your lock screen.

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