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phmAh phmAh
Phones1 month ago

Latest List Of Top 40 Cheapest Phones With 7000 MAh Battery – Price and Specifications

All 7000 MAh Battery Mobile Phones Battery life is something we all want to be maximum on our smartphones, which...

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
Phones1 month ago

Price Of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro – Full Specification And Review

In late August, news announced that Xiaomi would release a new phone (Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro) outside of China and...

Tricks In Your Phone Tricks In Your Phone
Phones1 month ago

4 Hidden Tricks In Your Phone That Will Blow Your Mind

Android phones are increasingly used nowadays. Some features are developed to solve user’s daily problems but users are not aware...

Phones1 month ago

Whenever a Private Number Calls You? Dial This Code Immediately to identify private caller

There are some instances when you might be receiving calls from a private number, and it may be inconveniencing, how...

Phones2 months ago

Latest – How To Over 1000 Whatsapp Status Views 2020

Have you ever felt like increasing your WhatsApp views? Look no further because this is the right post for you. ...

Free Browsing2 months ago

Latest Way To Accumulate Up To 30GB+ On MTN For Free Via MyMTN App

Latest MTN Free Data is not new again, especially if you have been following for a while, the only...

Computers2 months ago

Things You Should know Before Buying A Smartphone Or Tablet

It isn’t possible to live without your laptop in this day and age. Everything you ever need is found on...

Phones2 months ago

How You Can Easily Unlock Your Phone When You Have Forgotten Your Password

Hello Readers, We’ve all faced this before, those days when you just can’t remember your password, pattern or pin code,...

Phones2 months ago

How To Print Your Picture On Your Mobile Phone Using Pressing Iron

 Science has done it again, this is no joke nor does it require any special tools or chemical to do...

Phones2 months ago

The Best Online Games and Offline Games You Should Play

Games have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Back in the day, they didn’t look like much but...

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