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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which One is More Effective in 2020

Digital Marketing is also known as Inbound Marketing and Traditional Marketing is also known as Outbound Marketing. Here you will know every thing about Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing. Since the last few years, Marketing has changed a lot. It is the only industry that has made its mark in each and every corner of the business. More and More businesses have started to rely on digital marketing to reach their potential customers.
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
It is also much better and effective than traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is becoming redundant day by day as it is not as effective as it was a few decades ago. It doesn’t allow brand interactions, is costly and provide slow results, whereas digital marketing is cost-effective and provides faster results.
Let’s see who wins between digital marketing vs traditional marketing battle and how digital marketing can be fruitful for your business as follows:

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: The Complete Picture

Both Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing have their own pros and cons. Some businesses may prefer to use online marketing techniques, whereas some may use traditional marketing to approach their audience.
According to SmartInsights, the total number of internet users in 2019 is 4.388 billion and is increasing at a gradual rate of 9.1% a year. If most of our customers are busy spending their time on the internet, then why not to target them directly online?
This is where digital marketing comes into play and can help us to boost our business exposure and sales. Let’s have a look at some points which shows us a difference between both digital marketing and traditional marketing.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

While advertising through traditional channels like newspaper, television and print media can cost a lot, wheres doing it through the internet is quite affordable.
For example, it may cost you 500$ for just reaching 2000 people through magazines, whereas the same results can be achieved in less than 100$ through digital marketing.

2. Potential Customer Reach

Any sort of traditional marketing channel like television ad or print media can cover only a regional area, whereas advertising through the internet gives you the ability to reach even the whole world within a few clicks.
Along with better customer reach, digital marketing also provides real-time and quick results. All you have to do is just set up your advertisement, run it and within a minute, your ad will be live in front of thousands of potential customers.

3. Brand Interaction

Digital Platforms like Facebook make it easier for your audience to reach your brand, whereas no traditional marketing channel allows you to interact with your potential customers.
Your customers can inquire about your products directly through the digital platform and you can consult them online. This will also improve your brand goodwill which will induce people to prefer your products instead of other available options.
4. Easy and Detailed Analytics
With digital marketing, measuring the success of your ad campaigns becomes easier and much quicker. You can see and evaluate quickly whether a strategy is providing results or not, You can integrate tools like Google Analytics to have a detailed view of your potential customers.
Most of the digital advertising platforms like Google Ads& Facebook Ads provides you with proper ad campaign analytics which can help you to make crucial marketing decisions.

5. Suitability

In the battle of digital marketing vs traditional marketing, suitability is the biggest concern. Traditional marketing channels like tv advertisements are only suitable for large companies, whereas digital marketing is suitable for both small and large companies.
It even allows small businesses to expand their business and gains online exposure within their marketing budget.

6. Focused Targeting Options

Online marketing channels like Facebook Ads offers multiple targeting options. You can target your potential customers through their interest, age, and occupation, whereas no traditional marketing channel offers such targeting.
All these targeting options can also allow you to filter out the audience to whom you don’t want to show your ads. For example, if you have an age-sensitive advertisement, then you can allow the ad to show to people who have completed their 18 years of age.

7. Risk Factor

As digital marketing involves low cost and quick analytics, this allows you to decide whether to continue an advertising campaign or pause it. On the other hand, traditional marketing involves high cost and takes more time to produce results which may cause a lag in the decision.
In marketing, the faster you make decisions, the better you can perform. Faster decisions can save both your money and time.

8. Organic Customer Reach

Have you ever seen your sales flyers getting distributed by your customers and prospects? Of course not, but in digital marketing, people do share your online ads if they find your content appealing and useful.
According to WeareSocial, the average organic reach of a Facebook Post is 6.4% of the page like it gets. Now, imagine how much free traffic and customers you can get for free.

9. Non-Interruptive

Digital Marketing is non-interruptive because online ads do allow people to skip them if they do not want to see them. On the other hand, people can’t skip a television advertisement which can degrade a brand image.
Also, you can not opt to receive newspapers without ads, whereas you can skip the online ads that come in-between your favorite videos. For example, Youtube allows you to skip an advertisement whenever you see it while streaming a video.

10. Return on Investment

Long gone were the days, when the companies have to spend a big chunk of their money to market their products. When digital marketing came into existence, it reduced companies expense on marketing, thus improved their return on investment.
The best part is that digital marketing tactics also offered greater reach and results with a minimum budget which traditional methodology lacks to offer.
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing: Which One is Right For You?
The digital marketing vs traditional marketing debate is age-old and it would be a subjective question to ask which one is the right for you. It totally depends upon your business type and needs. Looking at the above differences, there’s no brainer that digital marketing is much better than traditional marketing.
If you have tried traditional marketing before and didn’t get the results you wanted, then you should definitely try digital marketing once. It is a less risky approach providing greater returns within a short span of time.

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50 Hot Selling Products You Can Import, Sell And Make Money In Nigeria

Have you been thinking about what items to import into Nigeria and make money either as a side hustle or a major business, this article is here to help you.

Nigeria has a population of about two hundred and six million. Now that’s a large number. Out of this number, the percentage of those in demand for different kinds of goods and services outperforms seventy per cent. As a person, all you need to do is to find the needs of those around you, and see how you can be able to deliver them with reliable solutions.

There are directly millions of products all over the world but you need to know what you can sell fast enough in an economy like Nigeria and some other country like Kenya, Ghana etc.

Survey the market and study the consumption trend, enquire from friends and family around you to find out what they use daily or what they can convince you that people use daily. Confirm this and move on to the next step of product sourcing.

Make Money In Nigeria

Below list are 50 items that you can import right now and start selling right away because the market is there and make money in Nigeria;

1 Apples: Literally, apples sell so fast; if you can get afford it, go for it

2. Memory cards: To save more of the important files.

3. Phone Screens: Until everyone is able to afford an unbreakable screen, this will continue selling

4. Earphones

5. Games (PS, Nintendo and their likes): A lot of People always unwind with games

6. Candles: Go for the ones with fragrance.

7. Printers: Is there an office without a printer, Maybe like 1 out of…

8. Air pods: For calls and Music

9. Camera: In this era of videos, you won’t be mistaken at all.

10. Hair Extension: Most ladies change hair every week

11. Solar lamps: Because Nigeria’s power is still epileptic.

12. Car trackers: People don’t want their cars stolen but if it gets stolen, they need to recover it fast.

13. Power banks: It can frustrating when your phone is about to go off, and no charging spot close by.

14. Scanner: Almost every office has a scanner, and they go bad. So they can buy from you.

15. Wristwatches: Can be used both to improve the appearance and also monitor time.

16. Phone Pouch: Ladies especially so much love fanciful phone pouches.

17. Ladies Shoes

18. Men Shoes

19. Kiddies Shoes

20. Bicycle for kid

21. Kiddies Toys

21. Kiddies Clothes

22. Bicycle for adults

23. Women Clothing

24 Books

25. Men clothing

26. CCTV Camera: very critical for security purposes

27. Ladies fashion bags.

28. Ladies’ purses

29. Jewelries

30. Men’s wallet

31. Motorcycle spare parts (for states that allow them)

32. Tricycle spare parts.

33. Generator spare parts.

34. Water closets.

35. Car batteries

36. SportsMakeup

37. Make up kits

38. Home Appliances

39. Medical eqLawnmowers. Lawn mowers

40. Vacuum cleaners

41. Projectors

42. Phone Panels.

43. Phone tools.

44. Laptops.

38. Wall Sockets

39. Electric bulbs.

40 Motor parts.

42. Rugs.

44. Computer accessories

45. Ladies Undies

46. Men undies

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7 Key Digital Marketing Skills Which Every Digital Marketer Should Acquire

The digital marketing industry is so vast and one of the rapidly changing industries in the online business world. In this rapidly changing online market, a digital marketer would need to acquire some digital marketing skills to keep growing and generate sales for their clients or online businesses.
Digital Marketing Skills

7 Key Digital Marketing Skills Which Every Digital Marketer Should Acquire
Unfortunately, not a lot of digital marketers have the right knowledge and approach to improve their digital marketing skills. But, Now, you don’t need to worry about this because we have made a list of some key digital marketing skills which every digital marketing should have.
Here is the list of 7 Essential Digital Marketing Traits Which You Should Acquire as a Digital Marketer:

7 Digital Marketing Skills You Should Acquire as a Digital Marketer

1. Search Engine Optimization Skills

Marketing primarily comes under two headings – organic and inorganic. Inorganic marketing includes SMM & PPC. It can provide instant results, whereas organic marketing takes time, but if its done properly it can give you better results than inorganic marketing.
Search Engine Marketing is a part of Inorganic marketing and a technique used to boost the rankings on keywords of a website. It can help a business to increase its online reach and visibility over the internet.
Many businesses have realized the importance of search engine marketing and they are looking to hire people with expertise in Search engine optimization. So, if you aren’t learning this skill, then you are keeping yourself behind the competition.
2. Social Media Marketing Skills
In today’s technological era, most of the people spend most of their time on Social media platforms. According to online statistics, an average person spends more than 4 hours on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in a single day.
As a digital marketer, you can use this advantage to find and target potential customers for your business. Many businesses use social media platforms to reach their targeted audience and you can also do the sameThere are various SMM techniques that you would have to learn and understand to build an effective marketing strategy.

3. Data Analysis

Data Analytics tools are used in the core process of digital marketing techniques. These tools establish the pillar on which the entire digital marketing industry relies. They provide digital marketers with the right information, they would require to make decisions to target the right customers.
Being a digital marketer, you should always have the right approach to analyze the available consumer data. You should be familiar with the proper data analysis techniques since it can help you to know the consumption pattern of your consumers.
Along with this, you should also need to be familiar with the filtering process which refers to eliminating incorrect or incomplete data. As a marketer, you should always keep your database updated with new information to avoid making ineffective decisions.
4. PPC Advertising Specialist
PPC stands for Pay Per Click in which an advertiser gets charged whenever someone clicks on one of his business ads. It is one of the most common forms of online advertising. Search engine like Google and Bing offer PPC services to several online businesses.
There are a lot of businesses having enough resources to increase their online reach, but they don’t know the right approach to use these resources properly to generate a good ROI on their investment.
You can learn and master the techniques of PPC advertising and it would be a great opportunity to consult those businesses for the same.

5. Copywriting & Content Creation Skills

Copywriting is the core of the entire digital marketing and will remain until the business world will remain. It is a crucial part of content marketing. It is all about connecting your customers with your brand and products.
As a digital marketer, you have to master of skill of writing relevant ad copy that conveys the right message to your audience. You must also be familiar with the techniques to find profitable and less competitive keywords.
Keyword optimization will help you to rank better on search engines. As a result, you will get traffic and traffic means more customers, sales and revenue.
6. Email Marketing Skills
No matter, how old, Email marketing is still one of the best ways to build a strong customer relationship with you. It has been regarded as one of the best digital marketing skills that a digital marketer can acquire.
To build an effective email marketing strategy, you must be familiar with the right tools and strategies. There are several email marketing tools available in the market. Some of the popular email marketing tools are Litmus and MailChimp.
These tools will also provide you with some additional metrics like CTR, email open rate, etc. that would be helpful for formulating future marketing strategies.

7. Basic Designing Skills

According to studies, Most of Advertising campaigns performs better when it is accompanied by great visuals and images. As a digital marketer, you must have to acquire the skill of designing engaging visuals and images.
In the world of marketing, it can’t be all about text. You will also require some visuals that convey the right message to your potential customers. It doesn’t mean you have to be photoshop rockstar, but it can help you to make some quick changes when your designer isn’t available.
Having knowledge about some basic designing principles also makes it easier for you to show the right message and content to your customers.
That’s it! These were some of the common digital marketing skills which every digital marketer should acquire. If you can learn these digital marketing skills, then there’s no limit to how much you can grow mentally and financially.
Digital marketing is the only business industry whose principles can be used both for growing as an entrepreneur and employee. So, what are you waiting for? Go out, acquire digital marketing skills and your life will be completely changed.
If you found anything useful, then do share this post with your friends, family, and relatives.

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10 Free Digital Marketing Tools Which Every Marketer Should Have

In today’s competitive era of Digital Marketing, it has become a challenging task to get our website on the top. If you find it hard to get your website on top of your competitors, then there are some free digital marketing tools which can help you to overcome the competition.
Free Digital Marketing Tools

9+ Free Digital Marketing Tools Which Every Marketer Should Have
Some of these tools offer basic features on a free account, whereas you can use the other ones free forever. So, let’s have a look at those free digital marketing tools which you can use to rank your website on the internet.

10 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools You Can Use to Rank Your Website

1. Keyword Planner

Best Tool For Keyword Research
Keyword Planner is a free tool that you can use to find less competitive keywords for your website. It was officially designed for Adwords, but later on, marketers started using it for SEO purposes too. You can look for any keyword using this powerful tool.
It shows the estimated monthly search results and competition of the keywords. You can use it for finding fruitful keywords which can generate loads of traffic for your website.

2. Google Analytics

To Get Website Insights

Google Analytics is another best tool allowing you to track user activity on your website. It can deliver useful data like page views, traffic reports, user time duration and much more. You can use all this information to develop and improve your digital marketing strategy.
The best part is that it also shows you the sources of traffic that comes to your website. You can use this data to discover the most effective traffic sources. By doing so, you can develop strategies to get the most out of the engagement sources.

3. MailChimp

For Email Marketing

MailChimp is another free digital marketing tool (Email Marketing) allowing you to send more than 12000 emails a month for free. You can send different emails to your site users and track all of them in real-time. It comes along with a list of built-in email templates.
You can use these free email templates to design your emails and send them to your users. If you need more features, then you can also subscribe to their premium plans.

4. BuzzSumo

For Finding Buzzing Content

If you find it hard to discover trending topics, then BuzzSumo (Content Marketing)is the only platform you need to have. It allows you to search for any given keyword and then find the popular content ranking on it. Along with websites, it also allows you to scan for the content popular on social media.
It records the number of likes, comments, and shares that an article has got. You can use this data to know what subject matter is bringing in results and discover content ideas for your website.

5. HootSuite

For Scheduling Your Social Media Posts

HootSuite is one of the free digital marketing tools that you can use to boost your social media presence. Various organizations have used this tool to grow their social accounts and you can do the same using it.
If you don’t have time and find it hard to post content on your social media accounts, then Hootsuite can help you to schedule the same.

6. Tableau Public

For Creating Data Visualizations

Tableau is a powerful and simplest way to create amazing graphics and data visualizations online for free. If your content requires feature-rich graphics and visuals, then you can use Tableau Public account to do the same.
All you have to do is just plug in your data and it will automatically generate visual data representations for the same.

7. Open Site Explorer

For Analysing Your Competitors

Open Site Explorer (Moz) is one of the free digital marketing tools which you can use to discover your competitors and their strategies. It allows you to scan for backlinks and social signals that a website has got.
By analyzing your competitor backlinks, you can make quality backlinks better than your competitors to outrank your competitors.

8. DigitalImpact

For Finding Free Stock Photos

DigitalImpact is one of the best platforms for finding free stock photos online. You can use this platform to get stock photos for your content. All you have to do is search for a given keyword and it will display a list of stock photos related to the keyword.
Adding images to your content can make your content look awesome and SEO Optimized at the same time. So, if you are a marketer looking for some cool photos in the budget, then you can opt for the DigitalImpat platform to find stock photos for your content.

9. Peek

For User Testing

Peek is a powerful digital marketing tool that you can use to look for user activity on your website. It can generate some useful insights which can help you to develop a powerful digital strategy. By knowing about users’ activity on your website, you can make considerable changes to your website.
The peek platform sends a random user to your website and they record themselves while doing the same. This activity can help you to get enough data to decide whether your website is user-friendly.

10. SideKick

Monitor Your Sent Emails

If you have ever wanted to know whether someone opened your email or not, then you can use SideKick to discover how many times a person opens your emails. This data can be helpful to send emails again to those people who hadn’t opened your emails sent to them.
The best part is that it pings and immediately notifies you whenever someone opens your email. You can use this tool to develop and improve your email marketing strategy.

11. Prepostseo

To Increase Online Growth

Prepostseo is ranked among the top Online SEO tools services providers. Every marketer should use their tools to increase online growth. They provide tools like plagiarism checker, reverse image search, online paraphraser, and domain authority checker etc. You can use these tools free to increase your market growth as well as your social media presence.

Final Words

That’s it! These were the best and free digital marketing tools which every marketer should definitely use. Each one of these tools can save a lot of your time as well as money. You can use all of these tools to improve your marketing skills.
I hope these tools will help you to develop a sound strategy for your business. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with others. Also, if you need further assistance, then let us know in the comment section below.

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