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Five Things You Should Never Search On Google Search Engine

Sometimes, it is important to be aware, but knowing about it could be unsettling. The following are five things you may not want to look up on the internet.

It doesn’t matter what you want, we are sure you would be Googling about it first as soon as you get online.

Google has made our lives in this new age very easy. Looking up things on the internet for instance, which could be anything from cooking, DIYs and just all sorts of stuff.  There are things nobody should look up on Google. Some of them are plain disturbing and scary. These are things that could end up ruining your day or just your entire week. Not everything, after all, is as the good old casino games you enjoy on Betway.

The top 5 things you shouldn’t really Google
Sometimes, it is important to be aware, but knowing about it could be unsettling.  The following are five things you may not want to look up on the internet.

1. 911 calls

Sometimes it is best to save yourself from the gory details of 911 calls. Some are just utterly awful especially when callers describe the event details. One of the most profound calls is one made by a woman when the Twin Towers went down. This event is one of the saddest in the history of US. If you get to hear the call, it is utterly depressing. Some people end up suffering from PTSD. So if you want to save your mental health, just don’t do it.

2. Blue Waffle

A lot of generations have in a long time thought that the Blue Waffle is a sexually transmitted disease. If you try and search for the blue waffle with your safe mode on, it will just bring you a bunch of blue waffles. However, when the safe mode is off, Google will bring you a bunch of pictures of a woman whose downstairs are blue. The blue like appearance is as a result of feminine hygiene products.

3. Clopping

Warning this is just for adults. This is one of the most traumatizing things to search on the internet. Cartoons are supposed to be fun and plain simple. However, when it comes to adult cartoons, things just go haywire. Clopping is from an adult cartoon show known as “My Little Pony”. Adults who have watched the cartoon understand better why Rainbow  Dash is the most capable.

4. Trypophobia

Almost everyone has a phobia – some have claustrophobia, aviophobia and so many more. But how does it sound to develop a new phobia? If you want to add one more phobia in your list then try Trypophobia. There are so many images on Google that are bound to make anyone without this fear trypophobic. Honestly, you can easily go nuts from just looking at the images.

5. Puzzle video

In 2015 a video came out of a man with a mask, a cloak and a pointy nose walking around in a mental hospital. The entire video features coded messages about the end of the world and killing the US President. The video is just haunting.
Which of these have you already Googled? Let us know in the comments below

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