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GTBank Transfer Code to Other Banks (Guaranty Trust Bank)

Get the GTBank Transfer Code to send money to other banks in Nigeria.

This article gives you all information and everything you need to know about the Guaranty Trust Bank transfer code and tips on how you can use it.

What Is Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Transfer Code?

Guaranty Trust Bank also known as GTBank is among the top and most reliable banks in Nigeria. Its transfer code is *737# and it can be used to perform certain bank activities like transferring money to another bank account and so much more.

It is used by many GT Bank customers because of its speed and reliability compared to those days you would wait in long queues in the bank.

Why Use GTBank Transfer Code?

  • It allows you to the bank without the internet.
  • With this USSD banking service, you can carry out daily banking transactions with ease from the comfort of your mobile devices.
  • The GTBank Transfer Code is easy, fast, and reliable.
  • It allows you to save on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at a yearly interest rate of 3.9%.
  • Fast and prompt service.
  • Simple, easy, and inexpensive to operate.
  • The GT Bank transfer code can be used on any type of phone even the common “kpalasa”.
  • *737*transfer is available 24/7.

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What Can I Use the Guaranty Trust Bank Code to do?

You can use the Guaranty Trust Bank Code(*737#) to:

  1. Create a Guaranty Trust Bank account or activate one.
  2. Transfer money to any bank account in Nigeria.
  3. Buy airtime and data bundles.
  4. Pay utility bills.
  5. Manage your bank account
  6. Make cardless withdrawals at ATMs.

How To Create And Activate Your Gtbank Code?

The GTBank transfer code can be used to create an account. To create an account:

  • Simply dial *737*0#
  • Follow the onscreen prompts.
  • An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. Once you sign up, look out for your account number and you can even use your phone number as your account number at GTBank branches or outlets.

To activate your account:

  • Simply dial *737*11# on your mobile number registered with the Bank.
  • Input your Bank verification number (BVN). Yes, after failing the GTbank transfer code.
  • Input the Account Officer code (if known) or press 1 to continue.
  • To complete your account reactivation, initiate a transaction by buying at least N100 airtime.
After activating the code, you now require a 4-digit PIN to complete your 737 transactions. To create a PIN:
  • Dial *737*5#.
  • Input the last 6 digits of your Debit Card.
  • Create your 4-digit PIN.

How To Transfer Money Using The Gtbank Transfer Code

Now you have activated your GTBank USSD code, you can then transfer money to another GTBank account or another Bank Account in Nigeria.

  • To Transfer Money to A GTBank account, just dial *737*1*Amount* Account Number# from the phone number you registered with GTBank, then follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To Transfer to Another Bank, dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number# from your phone, then authenticate the transfer with your GTBank transfer PIN created, hardware token, or the last four digits of your GTBank debit card.

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How To Buy Airtime And Data Bundle Using The Gtbank Transfer Code

You can use the GTBank transfer code (*737#), to buy airtime or data bundles for yourself and even your friends or family.

  • To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *737*amount# on your phone. Note that you are buying airtime for the phone number linked to your GTBank account.
  • To buy airtime for a friend or family, simply dial *737*Amount*Recipient’s number#.
  • For data top-up, simply dial *737*4# on your phone and follow the on-screen prompt.


How To Pay Utility Bills Using “*737#”

GTBank transfer code can be used to pay your electricity bills and even subscribe to your StarTimes.

To pay electricity bills, either postpaid or prepaid, you need to dial according to your area below:

  • Port Harcourt Prepaid: *737*50*Amount*95#
  • Port-Harcourt Postpaid: *737*50*Amount*96#
  • Eko Prepaid: *737*50*Amount*151#
  • Eko Postpaid: *737*50*Amount*152#
  • Ibadan Prepaid: *737*50*Amount*137#
  • Kano Prepaid: *737*50*Amount*93#
  • Kano Postpaid: *737*50*Amount*94#

You can also subscribe to your StarTimes decoder by simply dialing the *737*37*Amount*Decoder Number# and inputting promptly.

How To Manage Your Gtbank Account Using The Code?

You can also manage your bank account right from your mobile phone and perform bank activities such as balance inquiries, checking account details, and requesting mini-statement.

  • To check account balances, Bank Verification Number (BVN) & Account Number just dial *737*6*1#.
  • To request a mini-statement, dial *737*51*30#.


How To Make Cardless Withdrawal Using The Gtbank Transfer Code.

You can also make a withdrawal without using a GTBank debit card. To do this;

  • Simply dial *737*3*Amount#.
  • Follow the prompts to generate your withdrawal code and authenticate your request with your 737 created pin.
  • Enter the withdrawal code generated into any GTBank ATM to retrieve cash.

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