Hot: Make More Than £50 (N23,000) From YouGov Survey With 100% Certainly


Could you use a little pocket change? Do you have time for a few surveys? Do you love giving your opinions on social issues, news, and occasionally politics? Then you might enjoy answering survey questions for YouGov

What Exactly is YouGov?

YouGov is an international survey site that strives to supply companies, governments, and institutions with data on what the population is thinking and doing. This information is used to better serve the people who sustain and patronize these places.
YouGov’s 600,000 members are offered surveys covering topics such as politics, public affairs, finance and shopping.

How much does it pay?

YouGov pays in points which you can either redeem for a £50 payment via bank transfer (once 5,000 points have been earned) or be entered into a monthly prize draw.
The 5,000 points can not take along time to accrue, as each survey pays around 250-500 points.

How much time does it take? 

Surveys take no longer than 10 minutes, with most containing between 20 to 30 short questions

How do I sign up? 
Trick On how How To earn £5 from Survey everyday with 100% sure
You are to use VPN and connect your vpn to UK
This is about YouGov UK survey site which brings survey daily worth £1 to £5 each day with 100% certainty
Since it’s a UK site, we need to connect our VPN to UK, the UK section for most VPN’s is paid but we can get a free one from Turbo  VPN so let’s download Turbo  VPN from playstore or appstore, if you have other VPN’s that have UK you can use them.
Kindly Download The Paid Turbo VPN for free Here
After connecting your VPN to UK, now Open Your Firefox or Puffin browser or chrome browser to register through this link
After registration a link will he sent to your email to verify your account. Login and click on the menu bar and click on account and update your profile.
You will need some details there like zip code, street City and Country UK. Use  this link to get those details

You will see a column asking how often you want  to receive surveys, click on as soon as possible.
When done with this, you will earn instant 100 or 1000 points and you will be invited to surveys outright.
Start answering and earn more points. Take your welcome survey to unlock more surveys.
Note: Your First to Six survey points will be low which will be around 50-100 points once you through with answered like 6 surveys they will increased your next survey points to above 250 points 
2$ per Referral and you must complete six survey

Minimum withdrawal is £50 equivalent to 5000 points
Payment Method: 
or Payoneer 

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