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How To Get Free 500MB Daily on MTN MPulse To Browse Free

 MTN mPulse is designed for Nigerian children, teenagers and secondary school students to learn and excel in their academics, develop skills for now and the future, play brain-stimulating games and enjoy age-appropriate entertainment.

MTN mPulse has been accessible for quite some time now. This service has been programmed to prepare students between the ages of nine and fifteen years old with the resources they need to maximize their probable and be all they want to be. The service has two features: the mPulse website and the mPulse tariff.

It’s also worth knowing that the free 500MB data is only usable on specific e-learning sites. Aside from the free 500MB you get for free everyday, you also have the opportunity to subscribe for special mPulse data plan. This plan gives you special data bundles for mPulse website at 700MB for N150 and 200MB for N50.


  1. mPulse website with fun and educational content.
  2. Special data bundles for mPulse website at 700MB for N150 and 200MB for N50.
  3. Special Birthday reward of N200 airtime.
  4. Free WhatsApp monthly for 7days.
  5. Data Bonus on recharge.
  6. National calls at 15.36k/secs.
  7. SMS to all networks in Nigeria at ₦4.10.


First of all, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#. After a successful migration, you will receive your free 500MB mPulse data within some minutes.
You can use the free data to access sites like,, and some others.
To check your remaining e-Learning data balance, please dial *131*4#.
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Free Browsing

Latest Way To Accumulate Up To 30GB+ On MTN For Free Via MyMTN App

Latest MTN Free Data is not new again, especially if you have been following for a while, the only thing is that the procedure pertained to in each data accumulation method is little different from each other.

If you didn’t forget, we previously shared with you the detailed guide on how to get the MTN Free 500MB inducement data and get up to 31GB, which has been stopped by the MTN but guess what?

Here is another alternative to accumulating this MTB data in a path that is somehow various from the formally we shared.

No more talk, let’s go into the detailed information on how to activate this in few steps.

Requirements For Latest MTN Free Data accumulation.

Below are all you need to enjoy this latest Cheat to it’s the maximum length, check it out and you’re free to go!

1. Get the MTN sim card, the one that has not been used to registered for MyMTN App before.

2. Download MyMTN App

3. Steps to be discussed in this guide.

Once you have all the requirements above, you can now proceed to the steps and get everything done within the blink of an eye.

How To Accumulate MTN Free 500MB Data

1. Open MyMTN App.

2. If you have the app on your phone before, just go to settings > apps and Notification > MyMTN App > storage > then click on the clear storage button.

3. Now Register on the app with the new or mtn that has not been register before then login.

Activate data

4. Wait for the free 500MB button to pop up as picture below

5. Now minimize the app and change your network connection mode to 3g or probably 2g and ensure the loading speed is now slow.

6. Now open the app again and this is where the care I am talking about I need to be taken.

7. Now that you have open the app and your phone is on 3g or 2g, Click on the activitate data and crack the egg to view the offer.

8. Once you click on it, don’t allow it to load before you will press the back button too, continue to be pressing the activate data button as shown above and the back button at the same time.

9. Keep Repeating step 8 above till you get enough accumulated mtn data.

10. Enjoy your data streaming content online and lots.

How Can I Check my Data Balance?

You can check your data balance via that Same MyMTN App or dial *131*4# to check.


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