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How To Install Google Play On Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire is very popular with tablet users. There are many models available in this range of tablets and different for its reasonable price, something that makes them particularly popular. As many of you already know, Amazon Fire does not come with Google Play installed by default. This is a significant limitation when it comes to enjoying applications on your tablet.

Therefore, many users want to know how to install Google Play on Amazon Fire tablet . Can App Store be installed on this store tablet? The answer is yes. This is something we can do, but first we have to take consistent steps to make it possible.

Fire OS

How To Install Google Play On Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets use Fire OS as their operating system , a name that may seem familiar to many of you. Fire OS is an operating system or customization layer that is based on Android. The look is actually similar to other tablets on Android, but there are definitely some differences. One of the major side effects is that the tablet does not have Google Play Store installed by default.

Instead you have your own Amazon store . While this store is not a bad thing, in fact we have a large number of apps and games that we can download to our tablets, many see this as a more limited option. That’s why many people want to install Google Play Store on tablets, which is possible.

Google Play can be installed on Amazon Fire tablets , there will be no compatibility issues. Although there are several steps we need to complete to install the App Store on our Amazon tablet. You will not only be able to download this store and thus be able to download games and applications to your tablet from it.

How To Install Google Play on your Amazon Fire tablet

Amazon Fire

As we mentioned, we need to take the first step to install Google Play on tablets from Amazon Fire Range. By default, this tablet blocks content downloads , such as apps or games, from unknown sources. This is something that prevents us from downloading to this Play Store, because we need to download an APK from the Tablet Store.

The first thing we need to do is allow the content to be downloaded to the tablet from an unknown source. Then we can download and install Google Play in it.

How to Install Google Play On Amazon Fire Tablet

This is something we are going to do on our tablet by following these steps:

  1. Open your tablet settings.
  2. Go to the Security and Privacy section.
  3. Find the option called Apps of unknown origin.
  4. Enable this option on your tablet.

By enabling it, an APK can then be downloaded to the tablet , through which we proceed with the Google Play installation on our Amazon Fire tablet. The process is the same for all models in this range, so no matter which one you have, it’s always the same process.

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Install APK from Google Play 

Google Play Store Amazon Fire

In this case, to use Google Play on our Amazon Fire tablet, we don’t just need to download the App Store in APK format. Other apps need to be downloaded from Google , which will help this store work normally on tablets. These are Google Apps Framework, Google Account Manager and Google Play Services. All they need to manage the store on this tablet. We are going to download them on the tablet in APK format.

We need to download one or the other version of these apps depending on the Amazon Fire tablet. Although in general we can download the most recent of them, so we are going to install on the tablet. There are many pages where we can download the APK, but we leave you with the link to the APK mirror , which is the most reliable that we can find in the market.

This download link:

Once we have downloaded these four APKs on our tablet , we need to proceed with its installation. All we have to do is open these APKs, click on them in the download folder where they are located and then a box will appear asking us if we want to install this application on the tablet. We click on Recognition and wait for this installation to complete, which usually takes a few seconds to complete. We then repeat this process with each downloaded application.

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Use Google Play

Google Play Store Amazon Fire

Once you’ve completed the installation of the four APKs that we downloaded to our Amazon Fire tablet, we’ll see the Google Play Store icon appear on the screen. So we can open the app store on our tablet. We need to first log in to our Google Account so that later we can download applications and games to our tablet the way we download.

How To Install Google Play On Amazon Fire Tablet

The application download process is like getting used to an Android phone. So we can search for the apps or games we want to use in the store, so we just need to click the install button to proceed with their installation on our Amazon Fire tablet. Updates to these apps and games will also be done through the store, just like Android.

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