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How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer: 7 Practical Tips to Keep Your Phone Alive

‍Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. We use them for everything from staying in touch with friends and family, to checking the weather and keeping track of appointments. But one problem that many smartphone users encounter is a short battery life. 
Users can struggle to get through a full day on a single charge. If you are frequently low on battery, you will want to find ways to make your phone battery last longer. 

How long your phone battery lasts depends on many factors. Its capacity, for example, determines how much power it has. Other things include the type of apps you use, how often you make calls, and whether you have Wi-Fi turned on all the time. These variables make keeping your phone powered-up harder than it sounds. 

The good news is that there are some practical tricks you can use to keep your phone battery from dying so quickly and how to make your weak battery strong. Keeping a few simple tips in mind can go a long way towards extending that battery life a little longer each day.


1.    Buay dry green (alcohol) in a sachet
2.    Pour a drop on both the negative (-) and positive ( ) parts of the battery
3.    Dry the battery under the hot sun for about 8hours
4.    Charge the battery until it shows “battery full”
5.    Switch on ur phone and enjoynew battery.

7 Practical Tips to Keep Your Phone BatteryAlive

(1) Turn off GPS and Bluetooth

GPS and Bluetooth are two of the biggest battery-draining features on your smartphone. If you turn off these features when you do not need them, you can significantly increase your phone’s battery life. These features are often used in the car, while on public transport, or while out and about. 

However, they do not need to be turned on all the time. So, you should turn them off while you are at home or at work. When you are out and about, you can turn them back on. This will help you to make your phone battery last longer.

(2) Check your battery usage

One of the best ways to find out how your phone uses its battery is to check the battery usage. This will show you which apps are using your battery and for how long. You can then decide whether the app is necessary or not. 

If you notice an app using too much battery, you can uninstall it or try to reduce its battery consumption. For example, you could change the way that the app updates. You could also change the brightness of your screen, as this is another big battery-draining feature.

(3) Use Dark Colours

Dark colours, such as black and dark blue, look great on your phone. However, they are also notorious for killing the battery life. On the other hand, lighter colours, such as white and yellow, can help to preserve your phone’s battery life. If you are reading on your phone, try to use darker backgrounds. This could help to reduce battery consumption. You could even try to read on a paper tablet. This will also give you a break from your phone. 

You could also try to use black wallpapers instead of white. You could even go as far as to replace your home screen with a black background. This could help to save your battery life. If you are having trouble reading on a black background, you could try installing a blue light filter app. These apps can help to reduce the brightness of the screen for you. This will help you to read for longer without draining your battery life.


(4) Reduce the Screen Brightness

Your screen is another big battery-draining feature. You want to keep your screen brightness low. However, you do not want to read on a dark screen either. You could try to find a happy medium. You could also use the brightness settings to lower the brightness of your screen during the day and increase it at night. If your phone has an automatic brightness setting, this could already be helping to reduce your screen brightness. You could also try to download an app to manually adjust your brightness. This will allow you to manually control the brightness of your screen.

(5) Install a dark theme

If you are using an app on your phone, try to find a dark theme. A dark theme is a theme that uses darker colours. This could help you to reduce the brightness of the screen. This will allow you to keep the brightness of your screen low. If you cannot find a dark theme for the app you are using, you could try to manually adjust the colours. This could allow you to keep your brightness low without having to use a dark theme.

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(6) Download Dark-themed Apps

If you want to use an app on your phone, try to find a dark-themed app. You could use an app like Pocket or Instapaper to read your articles. Or, you could use a calculator app like Calcy. As well as saving your battery life, dark-themed apps could also help you to avoid eye strain. 

This is particularly true if you are using your phone in low-light conditions. It is also helpful if you are using your phone in bed before going to sleep. This is because bright lights from your phone could affect your sleeping pattern. They may even make it more difficult for you to fall asleep.

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(7) Turn off Vibrating Alerts and Background Processes

If you have an app on your phone that makes a noise, try to turn off the vibrating alerts. Vibrating alerts are another big battery-draining feature. You could also try to turn off any background processes. Background processes are apps that continue to run even when you are not actively using them. Your phone could be using extra battery power to run these processes even though you are not using them. Try to turn off any unnecessary or unimportant background processes. If your phone has an app that controls the background processes, you could try to use this app.


A short battery life can be incredibly frustrating. It can also be incredibly inconvenient. If you are having trouble making your phone battery last longer, you have a few options available to you. If you turn off GPS and Bluetooth, you can save a significant amount of battery power. You can also manually adjust your screen brightness and find a dark-themed app. These are all things you can do to make your phone battery last longer.

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