How to See Someone Call Details On Your Own Phone


Things just got better since everything can easily be done using your phone. Technology has made life so easy without stress, if you can recall that tech has provided a way that you can easily listen to someone phone calls on your own phone. Now in today’s article I am going to guide you on how you can see someone phone calls details on your phone

Seeing someone phone call details helps you to checkmates what the person is up to and the wrongs of that person. It is more of monitoring and ascertaining who the person is.

Let me quickly list the steps required on how you can see someone call details on your phone

How to See Someone Call Details on Your Own Phone

1. Go to your play store and download super back up and restore app. This can be found easily on your play store. You can also download it here.

2. Immediately you are done downloading the app. Then install the app

3. Click on call log

4. On the call log, click on super back up. This automatically pops up another menu. On that new page, click on OK

5. After clicking on call log. You are required to go back and click on super back up file

6. Quickly head back to your play store and install HTML viewer. Install it and also launch it

7. Go to your internal storage and search for SMS contact back up folder

8. You are to open it to see all call logs details of anyone

After you might have open it, this enables you to access any ones call details easily. The call logs shows you everything you need to know about the person including the calls the person made previously, who the person called and their conversation.

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