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GTA 5 APK 2020: Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) is one of the most popular game nowadays. It was released in 2013 and till up now, this game is also made compatible to all smartphones. Before this, we had enjoyed this game on our PC but now the developers have introduced its mobile version as well. So that you can carry the whole entertainment in your pocket.

Isn’t it amazing! GTA 5 APK is designed with astonishing graphics and the latest version is available for iOS and Android devices. In this way, you can enjoy this entertaining game anytime anywhere. Another great thing about GTA 5 is that it runs smoothly on every device with 1 GB of RAM. This game does not require much data and space in your phone as the files automatically downloaded as you enter the new area. This game has a great fan following. People love to play GTA 5.

Now streamers on youtube are doing streaming of this game and people love to watch. There are many famous YouTubers streaming this game and people love to watch it. YouTubers do roleplay, racing, and many other things for their fans.



GTA V is a mission-based game along with multiple online player’s options. Also, GTA 5 APK is designed with advanced and latest shooting mechanics and excellent driving. Furthermore, you do not need to root your mobile device to install this game. Also, check out GTA Vice City APK and GTA San Andreas APK. These versions of GTA are also similar to GTA 5 but GTA 5 has its own fan following.

GTA 5 APK…A Perfect

Likewise it previous versions GTA 5 apk has been designed with so many cool and attractive features so that it can become more attractive for the player. It comes with the ability to automate and the more authentic vehicles so that you can enjoy your traveling. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 5 modified with the increased weapons number and the capability to change in alternate turns. As a result, whenever you move anywhere you can change your weapon according to your consequences.

Direct Download GTA 5 APK + OBB + DATA FILE

The Characters and Plot

Grand Theft Auto V APK is designed in 2013 background and all game major events took place in Los Santos imitated by Los Angeles. Additionally, the game whirls around the story of the three characters Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. Furthermore, the plot of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the same as that of GTA 4 APK. Michael De Santa is a retired Bank Robber and after having an agreement with FIB he again returns to the life of a criminal. Trevor is intelligent but a bit strange with an eccentric character. Similarly, Franklin, a young man is the best at driving a sports car but he is not that much experienced in underworld affairs.

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Apart from, there are few other characters as well like Amanda De Santa, she is the wife of Michael also Jimmy De Santa, Tracey De Santa’s sons of Michael. Furthermore, there is an appearance of some other characters as well like Lamar Davis who is a friend of Franklin, Ron Jakowski, and Lester Crest.

xThe game comes with indispensable sounds which can give the player a feeling of the most real journey. Another great thing that has been added to the graphics of GTA V is that you can customize the characters as well. Isn’t it amazing!

Theme of Grand Theft Auto V APK

GTA 5 APK is designed on the theme of theft, violence, drugs, and racing. In order to, complete all tasks the player also gets the freedom to do anything in the city without having any limit. Sometimes the player has the task to steal something and simply a reunion of the couple arguing. Most importantly, GTA 5 is designed with the latest machines as compared to any of its previous versions.

Another great thing is that vehicles are made more authentic along with the inclusion of the physical effects of real life. People love the main theme of GTA 5 and that’s why this game becoming famous day by day. Now there are millions of people who love to play this game.

Additionally, you can spend the money you earned after a compilation of each mission for any establishment or buying the stock. This game includes the high-crime and you can adjust the stock price thus benefiting yourself by various game operations. The player can also repair or upgrade the car. Meanwhile, the player can also get some better car rather than spending money on repairing the car.
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GTA 5 APK Features


As you know this is the latest version of GTA that you have played on your computer a few years back. The developers of this game are Rockstar which has designed this game with the latest features so that you can enjoy more than before. Thus, before playing this incredible game let’s have a look at its amazing features. Have Fun.

  • GTA 5 provides good control of the player over the game.
  • This GTA 5 APK has been designed with the High-quality HD graphics,
  • There are cars, game characters, and so many designs that look real.
  • GTA 5 features incredible and interesting stages. Every next stage is more fascinating as compared to the previous stage.
  • Yes, it offers excellent vehicle control features which are not provided by any other version of GTA.
Hence, this version is designed with so many other features that you can explore while playing it. Moreover, all other versions of GTA do not have the GTA V APK features. No doubt, an awesome gangster series where you can do any crime!

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How to Install GTA 5 APK?


Follow the following steps and install GTA on your mobile. It’s very easy to install this game. You have to download its APK file with OBB And data file for the complete setup. Don’t worry we are providing all files just download and install.

  1.  First of all download the GTA V APK on your Android device from the link mentioned below.
  2.  After that, install the GTA V APK file on your smartphone. Another thing to remember is that if you have never installed any app other than play store then you must allow the installation from unknown resources. Go to Settings–Security–Tick mark Unknown Resources.
  3.  Next, go to your Play Store and Install Es File Explorer app to extract the Data file in this game folder.
  4.  Now go to Es File Folder the GTA 5 Zip Folder will be there. Extract this file to Android OBB and enjoy the game.

Download GTA 5 APK + OBB + DATA FILE

What’s New In GTA 5?

GTA 5 is one of the most famous versions of Grand Theft Auto. This game has great graphics that are missing in the old versions. GTA 5 also has many other great features that why people love to play this version. Now this GTA V is also available on mobiles. So download GTA 5 APK and enjoy it. We provide the complete guide that how you download it on your mobiles and install it. So keep playing GTA 5 on mobiles.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 Update

When a game contains almost every kind of entertaining stuff, then who can deny its popularity. GTA 5 is a game that is a package of action plus adventure. Racing, flying, jumping, and riding make it more interesting. The hacks and cheats are amazing, and the good news is that the user can play it offline as well as online. Most importantly, GTA 5 is getting better with each update.

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