Latest – How To Over 1000 Whatsapp Status Views 2020


Have you ever felt like increasing your WhatsApp views? Look no further because this is the right post for you. 

Today I will be teaching you how to get free 1000 plus WhatsApp status views. 

Isn’t that cool? Yes, it is. 

All you need for today’s tutorial is your WhatsApp account, join some of my WhatsApp drive WhatsApp groups and follow the steps below. 

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So without much Ado let’s quickly increase some WhatsApp views.

What’s WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp Status allows you to share text, photos, videos and animated GIF that disappear after 24 hours. People tend to express their emotions on Whatsapp status.

How to get Increase WhatsApp views

I have two methods to increase WhatsApp status views, the first method is by using a website and the second methods is a manual method. Using method 1 is highly recommended and works fast. Want to know more? Then let dive in.


This is the best and the fastest method to increase WhatsApp status views.

All you just have to do is to visit the website, come back by 9 pm and download the VCF file.

When you download the files, you have to install it and the contact assigned to the file will be saved automatically on your phone.

I personally have tried and it worked for me.

They also have a premium version that’s only for N200, this plan is suitable for Tv owners.

I have some proof below that is working.

2. Method 2

As I have said earlier, getting WhatsApp contacts to seem to be hard sometimes, You have to get thousand of contacts in your phone-book to get tones of views. 

So I created a WhatsApp group for people to get free WhatsApp views. I am sure the first question that will pop up in your mind is “how does it work”. 

I have created some WhatsApp gain groups below where you can gain WhatsApp views for free, all you just have to do is to join the WhatsApp groups below and message anyone you find on the group. 

Let’s say you message 250 People, that’s automatically 250 views, I have created 6 groups so you can get up to 1000 status views. Please note that this method isn’t an official method, it’s just to help people who need WhatsApp viewers.

>> Join the groups via any of the WhatsApp group immediately after this post

>> After joining, Copy and send the message below to the group

Hello room

my name is ——— save my number

let’s see each other’s status

Massage me.

>> People who are interested in getting views will add up immediately

Things you have to take note before joining the group

>> Don’t join the group if you know you aren’t ready to add other members

>> In case are the very first to join a particular group, wait and lets other members join before thinking of leaving the group

>> Should in-case the group is filled up. This post will get updated on weekly basics OR just drop comments below and notify us.

>> Don’t in any Method spam or send any advertisement into the whatWhatsAppups.

>> Add up member immediately and remain active.




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