US Scientist: Only Sunny Weather Destroys Coronavirus Globally


US Scientist: Only Sunny Weather Destroys Coronavirus Globally

A US biological scientist has warned that a near clearing of the pandemic of the Coronavirus will not be expected soon.

Dr. Ancha Parananova, professor of biology at GMU School of Systems Biology, USA, indicated that only a biological miracle can terminate the macabre threats linked to the deadly virus.

Parananova pointed out that this hoped miracle may occur when a hot, sunny weather prevails throughout the world for a long time or the virus weaken as it transmits among the human beings.

Parananova said the warm weather should prevail within two weeks in a row.

She expected that as of the beginning of April a hot weather is forecast in the USA and next days will witness such a weather in many parts of t he world, revealing that heat plays the role of natural sterilizer.

The Coronavirus parches and dries due to the effect of the sun rays.

She added that the hoped miracle may include the weakness of the virus so it becomes less hurtful then the infections reduce significantly.

“If scientists can find an effective vaccine against the virus, this will be a great breakthrough,” she said.

A wholesome program of treating the infected people across the planet could be launched later.

She warns that if the current factor hold without any change, life in the USA will not become normal again within the two weeks to come.

On the other hand, the Coronavirus pandemic brought the world to a halt in the early part of 2020. After emerging in China’s Hubei province in late 2019, the number of cases skyrocketed and infected more than 1 million worldwide over a four-month span with the epicenter shifting from Asia to Europe and, as of late March, the United States.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the outbreak a pandemic on March 11. The virus, called SARS-CoV-2, causes a disease known as COVID-19, and as the number of cases escalated, government officials took drastic measures to slow the spread, ordering various forms of travel restrictions including total lock-downs in some places


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